Try out the TotalSegmentator by uploading any CT/MR data. The upload must meet the following criteria:

  • Only a single CT/MR dataset, maximum size is 400 MB
  • Upload should be either a zip file of DICOMs or a single NIFTI image

If used for research purposes, please cite our Radiology AI paper.
The results of the models appendicular bones, tissue types, heartchambers highres and face may not be used commercially. All other results are open for any usage.
If this website does not work, please create a issue on github.

This software is a prototype version and is not designed or intended for use in the diagnosis or classification of any medical complaint or for any other medical use. The user represents and warrants that it will not use or redistribute the Software for such purposes. This prototype is for medical research purposes only. This software is provided "AS IS," without a warranty of any kind.

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